Architectural Designs 

Provide Clients with Architectural   Designs that have a Modern and Traditional Vision and meets the cultural and Environmental of the Region using the latest technology and systems in designs


Infrastructural Designs and Consultations

Designs and plans for city Developments and infrastructure facilities and Development, mapping and conducting evaluation studies using GIS systems 


Structure Engineering Services 

Giving solutions for structural designs for both concrete and steel structures along with consultation and site supervision and inspection services to construction sites. 


   Highway and Bridges Engineering Designs and Consultations 

Designs, Construction supervision and consultations of all different type of main and secondary roads and bridges of different uses  







Water and Sewage Networks Engineering Designs and Consultations 


Design of Water and wastewater networks, treatment units with consultations on their installation and operation and maintained procedures in addition to consultations of the adequate and appropriate of those systems by making environmental assessment studies














Mechanical Engineering Services 

Supply of all types of Mechanical Designs which include AC and Energy Units in addition to mechanical designs and installation supervision and consultancy on firefighting networks and systems and fuel and water pumps and  operating stations . 


Electrical Engineering Services

Design   of  electrical circuits, control boards. Electrical load calculations, supervision and execution of power and communication networks and lines.


      Site Supervision Services 

Site Supervision and inspection services , Progress reporting , Material and Work method supervision and approval , Quality control and quality assurance services and Design reviewing and shop drawing verification and resident engineer duties services .

     Projects Evaluation and Cost Studies 

Conducting projects economy and cost effective studies and giving consultations on market needs and projects efficiency and budgeting and funding consultations.



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